Dr. Christian Pieper, Schorlemerstr. 32 in
 41464 Neuss, Germany
Tel: 0049-2131-779167, Fax: 0049-2131-779168
or Apdo 117 Cami de Ne Penyal
07560 Cala Millor / Baleares Spain
E-Mail: dr.cpieper@web.de
www.tennisbellavista.de +

Living room

Terrace and view


The guesthouse has a bedroom, living room with sofa bed and kitchen, bathroom, terrace, garden terrace, covered terrace, heating, hot water supply and TV with international channels. The kitchen is generously equipped with dishes, coffee machine, microwave, etc.

The booking is done by e-mail with details of the dates: name, address, number of persons, arrival day, departure day, arrival time, departure time. Reservations

terrace room