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 41464 Neuss, Germany
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or Apdo 117 Cami de Ne Penyal
07560 Cala Millor / Baleares Spain
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The tennis courts

Bellavista has 5 courts. The courts are played over the whole year and well-kept and watered in summer. This is certainly due to the fact that Bella Vista has its own well with a depth of 70 m and the owner plays tennis enthusiastically.

The clubhouse is open all year. It is a popular excursion destination for the holidaymakers of Cala Millor who enjoy the panorama after a hike of 20 min. to the house of Cala Millor, which is called Na Penyal, with the famous tapas, apple pancakes, stews or with coffee and almond cake and rum-raisin ice cream.  More about the clubhouse.

Tenniscamps are organized in spring, summer and autumn at Bella Vista. These end with a tournament.


Over the years, a tennis community with about 60 members has established. On Thursday and Sunday afternoons social tennis meetings are organized. Guests are always  welcome.

For an annual contribution of 120 € or a daily contribution of 10 € the players receive:
5 large clay courts, a friendly restaurateur, a panoramic terrace with a large garden terrace and a magnificent view, changing rooms and sanitary facilities, a pool with a renovated terrace, strining service, coaching, a large parking , phone list of tennisplayers


On Thursdays and Sundays, doubles are played regularly for all.

Even famous players trained with us (in the picture Jan Gunnarson). For example, Björn Borg has trained on our courts. Nicolai Dawidenkow has trained twice in winter on Bella Vista and has developed into a world class player.

An application form for a subscriber contract can be found under Downloads

The view from the tennis courts is often so beautiful that one could forget about playing.